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Whether you are looking to learn how to invest, wanting someone to invest for you or need help selling your property we are here with a wealth of experience to help you every step of the way.

How We Help People

Phoenix Real Estate Investing provides real estate solutions to investors, sellers, buyers by helping acquire or sell property, Real Estate Education and mentoring for new and experienced investors, speak at public events, and provide project management for real estate ventures contact us today if you would like us to be a part of your event.

Current Projects

Are you looking for a better than average return on your money? Or are you looking for real estate deals in Canada and the US? If you have funds available to lend or are interested in a better return than you could get through stocks, bonds, GICS, and RRSPS, please contact us to discuss some very exciting options.

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Our Core Values

Integrity in all things

Customer first attitude

Client success is our success

Always invest in our people

Always innovating

Help all clients find the missing piece of the puzzle they need – even when that does not involve our business directly

What Our Customers Have to Say

The Hustle Blog

Lessons From the Business Trenches

Recently I had a property buyer that was interested in one of the partners that my partner had in his inventory.  Sounds simple right? We had arranged the time with both the team member that

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Flipping Houses Fundamentals V4

We are back with the next Flipping houses fundamentals: all about the numbers.  The real estate investing game in Calgary has been a bit of a bear market lately.  This has led us to move

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Got Clarity?

We live in a hyper-connected yet very distracted world.  Our minds are wired to take in information at all times (which in nature was a great asset to sense danger) and with so many information

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Flipping Fundamentals Series V3

We are back with V3 of the flipping fundamentals series – in this edition we will be covering how to market for deals in any market.  One of the fundamentals of any business is to

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The BS about Balance

Balance in business is B.S – I have to come right out and say it.  Some will disagree withe me on this point for sure…and that’s OK.  I have read a lot of material on

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Flipping Fundamentals Series V2

Welcome back to the second issue! Once you have determined what part of the cycle your market is in and you see there are opportunities to flip some real estate in your local area, you

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