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What Entrepreneurs Actually Do

Entrepreneurs have an almost mystic- risk loving, 9-5 schedule smashing persona in the eyes of the majority of regular society. What do they really DO when they are staying up late toiling away on the next big new idea?

The basic fundamental result of what Entrepreneurs do with all that risk taking and effort is this:
transfer VALUE to the marketplace. Most would say that they “run businesses” “create products/services” – while that may be true they are ultimately providing value to their clients in the market. After all, if that product or services does not create consistent value for the client – then it won’t last very long in our highly critical/competitive market place.

The value that business owners create could be something new, something innovated, or a new method of delivering a product, or even the product of someone else in a unique way (affiliate marketing).

Value is not just the result that the product brings to the customer – it also encompasses a host of other things (to name a few):

1. service
2. customer experience
3. trust and loyalty (starbucks reward card a great example)
4. value exterior to the product result (confidence from a new suit)
5. Entertainment or piece of mind

Modern Entrepreneurs have to provide all of these things and more – working 60-95 hour work weeks while making their best effort to have health/happiness at the same time.

Large companies make a lot of great products – but they have over the last number of years started lacking in some of the areas listed above.

Value means something different for everyone – the Entrepreneurs our there are listening a lot closer than most large corporations out there.

What is the Value you are really looking for? Let us know: We are listening!

To your success,

Tim Reid
-Respect the hustle