Archives for November 2, 2017

The BS about Balance

Balance in business is B.S – I have to come right out and say it.  Some will disagree withe me on this point for sure…and that’s OK.  I have read a lot of material on success, wealth, and making money over the years and I would have agreed with the “balance camp” in the past for sure.  When I was working in my career as an engineer for a large corporation I was always seeking the fabled “work life balance” that gets talked about often, yet rarely achieved.

I had higher than industry standard vacation days, and in almost 10 years working at that company more often than not I was scrambling to use them all before the end of the year! (it was a use em or lose em’ structure). How does one find balance in that circumstance? There are many careers that face the same dilemma, and we are becoming a nation of distracted/over worked balance seekers.

I feel that there is no such thing as balance in your career, business, life as a whole – I just watched a video by Grant Cardone one of the thought leaders I have a lot of respect for and his stance is that you need to commit to excellence in all areas of your life not just average results in many trying to keep everything “Balanced”. I have to agree 100% because I have made a lot of sacrifices since I chose to leave the corporate world last year, and the further I get away from what most people would consider “balance” the more opportunity I see, more contacts I meet, and the more successful by business becomes.  That is why I think balance is BS.

Respect The Hustle,

Tim Reid