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All I want for Christmas is a home to call my own

There are a LOT of people not being able to qualify for mortgages right now. If you have ever thought of:
1. becoming a home owner
2. not wanting your rental dollars to go to your landlord
3. not having to worry about the place you live being sold and then you HAVE to move
4. Recently went to the bank and were told you can only afford a small dog house under the new rules
5. Worked with a mortgage broker and despite their valiant efforts you were still declined
There are OPTIONS for you out in the marketplace!
Some of the following could help you to give you and your family the gift of home ownership this holiday season:
1. Creative financing through a VTB (vendor take back mortgage we call it)
2. Agreement for sale assignment – a different version of a VTB
3. Lease to own strategy
4. Low down payment Qualifying Structure
5. JVP (joint venture partnership) the options here are endless – you could work with a friend an buy the house together or an investor like Tyrell Reimer who does this for students going to university and they get their tuition paid for
If your family or someone you know want’s nothing more from santa than a home to call their own – drop us a line 403-246-4409