Phoenix Real Estate Investing is a Calgary based company committed to providing the highest level of service to investors, buyers and sellers looking for innovative real estate solutions. The mission of Phoenix Real Estate Investing is to help sellers get out of their homes faster than the traditional sale, and help investors source creative deals through our network. Our commitment to capital investors is to provide a variety of creative investments in Real Estate with greater than average rates of return.

We deal with property in any condition: abandoned, foreclosure, fixer upper, structural damage, bad wiring, grow ops, and asbestos. If you are aware of any opportunity you feel could work for us and help solve someone else’s problem contact us today. The market in Calgary in conjunction with the current economic climate has made it harder than ever for young families, self-employed business owners, and even young professionals to get into their own home with banks tightening their lending criteria. It is for this reason that we started working with clients to help them through Rent-to-owns and other strategies to give people a chance to own their own home without traditional bank financing.

Phoenix Real Estate Investing first did business in Calgary in renovations in 2010 and continues to do projects in Calgary and area. Through networking and Education then branched out into many other areas of Real Estate and now is involved in many diverse projects and continues to grow and expand operations into new lines of business such as private financing, US investing, consulting, and turn-key deals in Canada and abroad.

We were proud to be Awarded the Canadareic.com Investor of the year 2012!


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