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Are you looking for a better than average return on your money?

Or are you looking for real estate deals in Canada and the US?


If you have funds available to lend or are interested in a better return than you could get through stocks, bonds, GICS, and RRSPS, please contact us to discuss some very exciting options. Phoenix Real Estate Investing can structure your investment around a variety of terms and rates to suit your needs and goals.  We also have RRSP eligible investments in Canada and the US, passive lending as well as joint venture opportunities in all areas of Real Estate.


Investors that currently have a Real Estate portfolio and are looking for properties, JVP partners, capital, or clients we can help you in all of these areas and would be interested in sending you referrals for your business as they come across our desk.  We are always interested in new sources of capital to integrate into our network of opportunities and if you have funds to invest our team would like to have an in person meeting to discuss how we could do business together.


Here are the pre-qualified deals we currently have in our inventory:


US Financing For Canadians!

Kansas city Financed Deals!

9% Interest Rate

30 Year Amortization

65% LTV

Down payments in the Range of 30,000-40,000

Full management team in place ready to go!

Opportunity Summary October 2017
Dealership In a box
-Turn- Key Used car dealership set up in 90 days
– operation at average production in 9 months
-Profits once average production achieved: 15,000-20,000/month profit
-Business model has low overhead 10,000/month or less
-Marketing strategy is unique targeting a service rather than the sale of vehicles
– Fully passive investment for the owner
– Site will be found, leased, staffed, all permits, financing required will be set up for you
– typical set up process takes 12 months or more
– Investment is 100,000 paid in 4 draws based on completion milestones
– proven business model that is working in Edmonton at multiple sites
– experienced team that has worked in auto industry for over 12 years
Auto Brokering Investment
  • Our team will buy cars at the auctions in Edmonton and Calgary and re- sell them on existing lots or wholesale them to other dealerships in Calgary/Edmonton/Area
  • Average profit paid to investor 500-1000/month
  • Profit per unit range 250.00-750.00
  • 15,000-20,000 invested will equate to 1 unit cycled 2-4 times per month
  • Returns range from 40% annual to 80% annual
  • 30 Day liquidity clause stating that investor can request return of capital and existing units will be liquidated and profits/capital returned
  • Monthly distributions during term for investment (monthly profit from unit sales)
Texas Tax Deeds
Structure: Canadian to Canadian JVP agreement in place to support returns and timeline
Alternate Structure: US company JVP with US entity
Suggested timeline 12 months – Excellent return for investors
Investment proposed: 150,000
Minimum 100,000
(these amounts negotiable)
Business model;
Existing team in Texas who operates in 14 different markets including Houston where the natural disaster has created a fundamental shortage of supply for homes in a Market that has a consistent supply of strong buyers which creates an opportunity to turn capital faster for greater returns that the past.
The team in texas has been in operation for over 15 years, has a team of real estate professionals (realtor, appraiser, contractors, property inspectors) that view and complete due diligence on all properties prior to purchase so the entry and exit prices are well established in advance.  In addition the team in the US has an extensive network of wholesale and retail buyers across the markets in which they operate.
30% of properties are bought physically at the auction for pre determined prices
70% of properties are bought dealing directly with the owners prior to the tax deed auction and via marketing (bird dogs, direct mail, door knocking) auctions of mortgage notes, and foreclosure auctions.  This ensures a constant flow of properties that fit the buying criteria:
Purchase at 30-40 cents on the dollar (FMV) and renovate or sell as is for 60-80 cents on the dollar
Buyers come from 3 sources to create fast sales: network buyers, MLS, wholesale investor buyers
Larger amount of investment over 250,000 we are open to discussion of compensation alternatives to the above.


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