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Current Projects

If you have funds available to lend or are interested in a better return than you could get through stocks, bonds, GICS, and RRSPS, please contact us to discuss some very exciting options. Phoenix Real Estate Investing can structure your investment around a variety of terms and rates to suit your needs and goals. We also have RRSP eligible investments in Canada and the US, passive lending as well as joint venture opportunities in all areas of Real Estate.
Investors that currently have a Real Estate portfolio and are looking for properties, JVP partners, capital, or clients we can help you in all of these areas and would be interested in sending you referrals for your business as they come across our desk. We are always interested in new sources of capital to integrate into our network of opportunities and if you have funds to invest our team would like to have an in person meeting to discuss how we could do business together.

Here are the pre-qualified Ventures we currently have in our inventory:

Agreement for sale – Alberta

We have a process currently for these agreement for sale deals now built and a pipeline of deals.  Here is the simple description of the process:
-Investor puts in the capital to obtain the agreement for sale, this will pay arrears, give the owner some cash in hand to accept the AFS terms,
– We will pay the holding costs during the period, manage the cleaning, staging, and re-sale of the property, any renovations if required: generally limited to flooring and paint
– sale projected to be 30-60 days
– profit target 25-40K per house
– expected profit : earn industry average shattering double digit returns
– Investor is secured via the JV agreement and we will register same on title at investor request.
Recommended Investment is 30,000CAD to allow for more choice of inventory as it comes down the pipeline, minimum is 10,000

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