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Armchair Millionaire Symposium

by Springport Wealth Inc

Sat, 31 March 2018
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM MDT

Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre
2120 16 Avenue Northeast
Calgary, AB T2E 1L4

Want job security? Without the job?

Uncover the proven real estate strategies of the wealthy.

Are you looking for other methods of growing and protecting your nestegg? Gain valuable insight from Western Canada’s top real estate entrepreneurs. You will learn how to first protect your money, grow your money then repeat the process through strategic real estate investments.

We will cover a vast array of topics including:

How to invest in apartment buildings and renovation flips to build your nestegg
How to finance your property and protect your capital
How to generate passive income while you sleep so you can live the “armchair millionaire” lifestyle
How to find the right opportunities and properties
How to leverage key industry experts – HINT * They are not who you think!
…and so much more!

Our Featured Speakers

* EDNA KEEP – Founder of Multiple Ways to Wealth, real estate investment coach, speaker and mentor

* RADOVAN SMOLEJ – Founder and President of MyHomeOptions, full time real estate investor, mentor and coach

* TIM REID – President of Phoenix Real Estate Investing, investment educator, speaker and mentor

* KEITH UTHE – Certified (REIA) Real Estate Investment Advisor, mortgage broker, REIN former investor of the year

Your Host

* BRETT MICHAELS – CEO and Founding partner of Springport Wealth Inc, real estate entrepreneur and author

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Join us for an afternoon of top notch education, connecting and growth in a room full of current and future millionaires.

There will be no solicitation of products of any kind at this event. That’s right, no up-selling, just valuable insight from Western Canada’s top real estate entrepreneurs.