Have you ever wanted to make money in Real Estate?

Referral Program

Phoenix Real Estate is always looking for leads in all the areas that we do business:

  • Owners selling their home
  • Owners in Foreclosure
  • First time buyers that can’t qualify through traditional means
  • Investors that would like to invest in Real estate
  • Investors that need capital for real estate projects
  • Investors looking to Expand operations into the US
  • New investors that are looking for mentors and real estate professionals


We offer cash referrals for leads that result in business for our company, these referrals will vary depending on the business generated.  There are also opportunities to partner with our company to make up to 50% of the profit that results from any transaction that you bring to our attention.  Whether  you are a new investor looking to build up your capital or someone not in the business that knows someone that could use our help with their real estate need give us a Contact Us today and put some extra cash in your pocket!