Have you taken a real estate course and are wondering what to do next?

Real Estate Coaching

Maybe you have just thought about real estate investing for the first time and you have no idea where to start or what is involved.
Phoenix Real Estate can help you hit the ground running through our mentorship services and cut your learning curve substantially by working with one of our mentors one-on one. We can help you with all aspects of setting up your new company in all of the following areas:
Business structure - Printed Business Marketing Materials - Graphic Design/Website Design
Marketing - Virtual Assistants - Sourcing Deals/Analysis
Help with all real estate strategies including finding the one that works best for you with your current goals and capabilities! We will work with you to create a custom pathway for you to reach your goals in real estate and keep you accountable throughout the whole process. Phoenix Real Estate also has options available for experienced investors as well that would like to learn more about a specific real estate strategies in Calgary and the United States. Contact Us today to book a free consult to discuss how we can help you get started in real estate the right way.

We have just launched our New Real Estate Investor Coaching Program!

This is a three month program that will help launch your real estate business fast and cut your learning curve by 50% and save you time and money.

Here are the ways our program saves your money:

  • -Website Created by professional web designer- 1500-3000 (our cost 500-1000)
  • -Business cards designed/printed 50-100 for 1000 cards (70-80 our cost)
  • -Accounting services 900-1400/year (our cost 900)
  • -Creative Real Estate lawyer- most charge retainers and do not have the skills needed
  • -Realtors- months could be spent finding top performers/investor friendly
  • -Tools/software to make you efficient
  • -Web hosting/domains- 30-70% savings for quality service
  • -Mortgage broker- months of searching for top performers
  • -Print shop- 30-70% savings from competition
  • -SEO company with guaranteed results
  • -Corporate structure advice- 100-150/hour (free)
  • -Constant support throughout the program at no extra charge 6000-10000 normal cost

Standard real costs of starting a real estate business 5000+
Standard real time invested to build your own team 6-10 months
Savings via our course 6000.00 plus.

Our commitment is to help as many Canadians as possible become successful in real estate, this is why we created flexible terms to make our programs accessible to everyone. Contact Us today to set up a FREE strategy session.