Looking to Invest in the US?

US Investing

It does not seem to matter which way you turn these days you hear another person shouting “THE US IS ON SALE!!” prompting you to think about US investing. The truth is there are thousands of deals to be had in the US right now at prices that we haven’t seen since the great depression but the window is closing due to investment gurus such as Warren Buffet making the statement that he would buy hundreds of residential homes in the US if he had a way to manage them all. However, real estate in the states is nothing like it is Canada but if you know how to do things properly there is a fortune to be made in a number of different strategies.

Get Set up the Right Way, Without the Struggle

Phoenix Real Estate Investing can help you set up your companies properly in terms of tax structure, find you deals, management companies, renovators, materials and much more to start your US investing off the RIGHT WAY without any of the need to spend thousands of dollars and months of time to set up all those systems yourself!

With over 50 years of combined experience on our team we can show you how to make money in the US today with turn-key investments in everything from large multi-tenant buildings to single family homes making you instant cash flow you can’t find anywhere in Canada!!
Houses made out of american money. US money houses.