Looking to Own, but can’t get approved?


Tired of just paying someone else's rent, but can't get approved for a traditional mortgage? How about a system that allows you to rent the house you want to buy, but a portion goes toward your future mortgage for your house? At the same time getting assistance to improve your credit rating or anything else needed to ensure when it's time you can then get approved? We will help you every step of the way.

About Rent-to-Own

Who is rent to own for?

People have the following issues:

– Damaged credit

– Have had a bankruptcy in the past

– Have had a foreclosure in the past

– Do not have the full down payment saved but are close to half

– New to Canada with no established credit

– Self employed and do not show enough income


How much are the monthly payments?

-The monthly payments will generally be an additional 400-600 dollars per month higher than what market rent would be for the property to leave room for the rent credit which goes toward your down payment at the end of the term to qualify with the bank.  This number will vary based on your available down payment and the price of the home.


Do I need a down payment and if so, how much?

-The normal rule of thumb is 2-2.5% of the purchase price

-This down payment is a non-refundable deposit to be put into the program and will not be refunded if you fail to meet the terms of the rent to own agreement (not paying rent) or choose to not buy the home at the end of the term


How long is the term?

-Normally they terms are set for 2- 3 years to allow time for credit repair and savings toward the full 5% down to qualify via traditional financing.

-If you are ready to close on the home and could qualify before the end of the term you can execute your option to buy at any time!


How do you repair credit?

– We work with a number of mortgage specialists that will create a program based on your circumstances to ensure that your credit score will be in the proper range to qualify at the end of the term.  You will be responsible for not initiating any new debt that could affect your ability to qualify during the term


What if unforeseen circumstances come up and I can’t qualify at the end of the term?

-In almost all cases there will be an option to renew for 1 year at the end of the term to allow you time to get back on track, the goal is to make you a home owner!

How can I get started?

If you are Interested in how rent to own can help you become a home owner please send us an email with the info below today!

Full Name:

-Best number to reach you at:

-Best time to call:


-Have you ever owned a home?

-Do you have credit issues?

-What area are you looking in?

-How long have you lived at your current address?

-When does your current lease expire?

-When would you like to move?

-What is your current rent and what is included?

-What is the maximum monthly payment you can afford?

-What is your household gross income?

-What are the minimum monthly payments on all your loans/credit cards

-What is your current credit score? (you can obtain this at equifax.ca) -What is your partner/spouse credit score?

-How much could you put down as a down payment?

In addition to rent to own if you have good credit and can qualify for a mortgage but currently do not have a down payment we can structure a creative solution for you where you don’t need a down payment!