Comfy Is Not Where Success Lives

Man walking through giant wrecking balls, signifying stepping outside of your comfort zone

Continuing with our motivational series – today I wanted to touch on a topic that is often over looked when we thing about our success in real estate, in life, in relationships.  The comfort zone is the main enemy of success and growth, because simply put: if you are not growing your skills/knowledge/communication your results will remain fundamentally the same!

It has been said that “if you want to get something you have never had, you have to do things you have never done before – what got you to this level of success will not get you to the next level” I believe that is 100% true, when there haven challenges in our business it always traces back to something that we did not know.  Also, we never know what we don’t know – the paradox of life and business in real estate or any other.

Growth will always be uncomfortable, making the cold calls, dealing with upset customers, door knocking, figuring out social media – our mind is programmed to caution us from uncertainty, doubt, fear.  That is a normal response (from the hunter/gatherer perspective), it is how we acknowledge those thoughts and move past them that counts. We no longer live in a world where we can get eaten by a lion every day, so those old programs can be re-trained, if that sector of our brain had its way we would never do much at all!

This is why we have to develop a community of mentors, partners, associates, master mind groups to get outside of our current knowledge/abilities and push for that growth+ see within ourselves the potential that we can’t always see.  We are better together, business is a team sport and I would suggest to you that so is life in a lot of ways – having mentors/coaches for fitness, spirituality, relationships is the only shortcut to excellence/up-leveling your game.

It has been said also – I love this quote BTW “If you want to go FAST- go alone. If you want to go FAR go with others”. Often when we are going fast alone we could be headed in the wrong direction or right toward one of the pitfalls of business/life! We will fall into those no matter what, and that is how we grow – through the challenges of life.

The universe (or higher power of your understanding) gives us GIFTS they are wrapped up in challenges, and the larger the GIFT the larger the Challenge it will be wrapped up in.  I would suggest that you consider when a challenge comes up “what am I meant to learn from this challenge?” This has helped me orient my thoughts on solutions, being grateful, and moving forward.

To your success,

Tim Reid

-Respect The Hustle

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About Tim Reid

About Tim Reid

Tim is a sophisticated real estate Investor and Telecommunications Engineer. He has completed projects in Calgary and the US, and has partnered with experts in all areas of real estate.

Tim is also a real estate educator/Mentor who is always willing to help new investors accelerate their business to the next level. Through holistic and custom courses Tim helps investors of all backgrounds reach their business goals faster.