Back from the dead!

Back to work written on the beach

I have been not posting too much over the summer due to the general difficulty in getting in touch with anyone over the summer due to vacations on my part and the part of others.  That said, I am reading some good books on marketing and strategy over the summer months and did manage to get away from it all for some good camping in Golden BC as well as I got out to Vancouver in June as well to visit some friends.  The September brings in the new school year and all the investors back from being abroad back into town to start doing deals in the cold again! The current theory that I have is that they are off travelling with the kids while they are off school while they can being it is much harder to get away for 10 days when the little ones are back in their desks by Monday.  Being that everyone is filtering back I am sure thinks will be greatly picking up very soon.


The Calgary market still shows now signs of slowing even through the summer season, I will be interested to see what the cold does to prices in this city, as I hear that prices in the Vancouver area are starting to show signs of slowing.  In the local news I currently have a number of clients that are looking for Rent to own solutions and with the current market space in the local area that seems to be a very hard strategy to execute with the high prices and low inventory.  If you or anyone you know can do a rent to own in Calgary at this time please give us a call or email as we have 4 clients right now qualified and ready to go!

Enjoy the heat while it lasts! This is awesome patio weather for September in CowTown!!



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About Tim Reid

About Tim Reid

Tim is a sophisticated real estate Investor and Telecommunications Engineer. He has completed projects in Calgary and the US, and has partnered with experts in all areas of real estate.

Tim is also a real estate educator/Mentor who is always willing to help new investors accelerate their business to the next level. Through holistic and custom courses Tim helps investors of all backgrounds reach their business goals faster.